Vegetarianize verb [vej-i-tair-ee-uhn-ahyz]
1. To replace the meat in a recipe with non-meat alternatives, such as vegetables or soy. I vegetarianized the burger recipe by replacing the ground beef with lentils.
2. To remove the meat in a recipe. I am going to vegetarianize the roasted brussel sprout recipe by simply omitting the bacon.
3. To change one's eating habits in an effort to reduce meat consumption. I am vegetarianizing by going meatless three nights per week.

Hey there and welcome to Vegetarianized.com! My name is Adrienne and I created this recipe site in 2008 to inspire you to 'vegetarianize' and eat seasonally. I was a vegetarian for 11 years, a pescatarian for 2, and when I started at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, CA in 2014, I became a meat-eater. Today, I live the vegetarianize lifestyle - eating meatless most days and seasonally as much as possible. I believe it's better tasting, better for my body and better for the environment. I hope you will be encouraged to join me! Vegetarianized.com is an ever growing collection of fun, approachable, easy recipes - close to 300 now! So explore, enjoy, sign up for my weekly newsletter on the homepage and follow me on social media...Thanks for your interest!


I didn’t grow up in a restaurant or on a farm, and no one in my family is particularly passionate about food. Despite this, my happiest memories of my childhood involved cooking, baking, and/or eating. Christmastime with my mom meant Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis, Spritz cookies and peanut butter balls. Grilling with dad in the summer was about getting that nice burn on the dogs, and once or twice having sips of Budweiser.

I grew up in South Jersey – the reason New Jersey is called the Garden State. Summer in South Jersey meant fresh tomatoes, corn and peaches. After being food-inspired at my first job at a local farmer’s market, I pursued a job with the catering office at college. I was quickly promoted to student manager and really enjoyed the creativity and organization I could bring to food management.

Burnt out on food after school (love the pun!), I fell into a career in the nonprofit sector. Sixteen years later, I advanced to a leadership position as a fundraiser and marketing professional in higher education; had written fundraising articles and book chapters; had spoken at various conferences; and served on many nonprofit boards.

Yet, food never left my mind. I kept teaching myself recipes and read lots of cooking magazines, cookbooks and food nonfiction.

I lived in Manhattan for five years and ate out frequently while also exploring the food-side of neighborhoods – Brighton Beach’s Russian grocery stores, Greenpoint’s Polish delis, Astoria’s Greek bodegas, and Mulberry Street’s Italian food shops were her "museums" and "theaters."

When I moved to Northern California in 2007, my culinary experiences changed to focus more on ingredients and growing produce. I built a garden at home and replaced all the border plants with edible herbs, fruits and vegetables. I went to the local farmer’s market more often, joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group, and visited farms and vineyards.

A year later I created Vegetarianized.com and began teaching cooking classes. Some of my recipes got published – Chow.com, Sacramento Magazine, Sacramento Bee, Edible Sacramento – and various other online sites started reposting my recipes.

In 2014, I left my 15+ year career as a nonprofit executive to pursue food full-time. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA with the second highest GPA and awards for management and culinary achievements.

Today I am food entrepreneur! Check out my other foodie pursuits:

  • Farm To Frame: My Etsy Shop where I grow, source and dry California produce to transform them into your favorite recipes framed.
  • Can California: A new business working with young California farmers to preserve their produce, as jams, jellies, dried items, etc, for them to resell at farmers markets and in CSA boxes.
  • Culinary One: I'm a partner in this culinary consulting company that helps small businesses through product brokering, organizing agricultural/wine tours, and recipe development.
  • Clif Family Winery: I work here part-time in their Estate Tasting Room.


adrienne at vegetarianized dot com






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