Published Articles

"L'Accidentel Frenchmen in Sacramento" Edible Sacramento, Fall 2010

William Rolle, owner of Café Rolle, 5357 H Street, Sacramento,, grew up in Lyon as the third generation in a young family of chefs and bakers. His father had a stall in the famed French market, Halle de Lyon, where after four years of culinary school, William learned the family business – smoking salmon and making foie gras.

"Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Can California Compete?" Edible Sacramento, Spring 2010

Depending on whom you talk to, extra virgin olive oil may just be the next big agricultural breakthrough in California. "Spain used to be the top producer of almonds sold in the United States twenty or thirty years ago," said Dan Flynn, executive director of the UC Davis Olive Oil Center. "Now it's California because we introduced mechanized harvesting making the domestic almond economically viable. We can do the same for olives and oil. In ten years, California can be in the top ten of world producers of oil."

"Wicky Wacky Woo: A Davis Phenomenon" Edible Sacramento, Winter 2010

Right around 10:00 p.m. on any given Friday or Saturday night, a crowd of mainly UC Davis students dribble in a constant stream to Bar Bernardo, the bar side of Café Bernardos in Davis. This bar scene is made slightly awkward in that it is also connected to the local Best Western hotel. Normally it would not exactly be your natural go-to for more than a glass of wine and a light meal. However, Bar Bernardo has come to be known for its party-friendly, now signature, drink: the Wiki Wacky Woo.